by Paige J Mader 

The Idea
Paperfox is interested in exploring different kinds of media output in order to continue celebrating the written word in a myriad of ways. At this moment the medium we are interested in exploring is video as a way of interacting with poetry. The idea is to create short videos to accompany pieces of poetry – the end result bearing some semblance to a music video.

What this has to do with you
If you’ve ever wanted to take your poetry beyond the page then we are interested in hearing from you! We are looking for writers who would be interested in being filmed reading their poems in interesting settings that engage with the work they are reading. The video will be filmed and edited by a member of the Paperfox team and featured on the blog.

The Criteria
The theme for this month is “romance,” so pieces pertaining to this theme would be greatly appreciated. However, if your poem does not pertain to the theme, but you would still be interested in seeing your work featured in video format please do not hesitate to send it our way, as we may still be interested in filming it in the future. Poems should be no more than five minutes in length when read aloud, but otherwise the style and form is up to you.

To submit please send your poems to paperfoxlitmag@hotmail.com with the subject heading “Poetry Video Project.” We look forward very much to hearing from you!

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