Perfect DIY gifts for book lovers

By Skylar Parker

Thinking about buying gifts for a particular book lover in your life? Why not make your own customised handmade gift? These fantastic DIY projects are guaranteed to put a big smile on their face. From DIY mini pocket notebooks to cute, book inspired candle jars and reading jars! So, get your crafty fingers out and let’s get crafting…

  DIY Mini Pocket Notebook – made by using an old cereal box!

 For this cute DIY gift idea, all you’ll need is an old cereal box – yes, you read correctly! This will be used to create the outer cover of the notebook. You will also need a button, some coloured string, a needle, colourful scrapbook paper/wrapping paper or even magazine clippings, and a glue stick.

  First, start off by drawing your shape on the cereal box, then, using scissors cut out the    card and fold it in half. This will be the cover.

 Second, grab a needle, your choice of button and a coloured string. Sew the button onto the front cover, making sure the string goes through it as you’ll be wrapping the string around the notebook later on!

Thirdly, take a sheet of plain paper and using a glue stick, stick it onto the inside of the cover to mask the image and text from the front of the cereal box. Then, choose a few sheets of either plain or lined paper and using your needle and some more coloured string, sew them into the middle of the notebook to fix the sheets into place.

Next comes the fun part. Decorating your notebook! For this step, you can use an assortment of coloured and patterned scrapbook paper and create fun, quirky designs to decorate the exterior cover of the notebook. Alternatively, you can use wrapping paper or even magazine clippings to make a cool collage! Once you’re done decorating, simply wrap the coloured string around the notebook before twisting it around the button.

And there you have it, your own DIY mini pocket notebook, ready to be given to your book loving friend. And who knows, maybe they’ll use it to plan their next story or record their crazy ideas!

        DIY Book Inspired Mason Jar Candle Holder

This is another great DIY gift idea for geeky book enthusiasts and is a lovely addition to any room. For this DIY project, all you’ll need is an empty mason jar, pages from a book, some ribbon or twine, scissors, glue, and a tea light candle.

First of all, wrap the book pages all around the outside of the mason jar and trim the excess length so that they fit perfectly around the jar. If you use two pages, glue both ends of the pages together so they make a complete circle.

Next, lightly fold the paper and using your scissors, cut out any shape you like, hearts, stars, snowflakes or anything else! Be creative!

Lastly, place the pages inside the jar and using a clear glue stick, stick the edges to the inside of the jar. Tie your ribbon your twine around the top of the jar for decorative purposes and you are done! All you need to do now is to place a tea light candle into the jar and watch as the words come alive.

This is a perfect DIY gift for writers and lovers of literature. Why not try this using a few pages from their favourite book? (if you’d rather not use pages from your own copy, make sure to visit thrift stores and old book shops, you might be able to find a second hand copy to use). For the bonus surprise factor, you could even make your own DIY tea light candles to accompany your candle holder. Perfect!

Book/Reading Jar

This is for all the indecisive book lovers out there! Does your friend struggle deciding what to read next? Why not make them a personalised book jar compiled of titles from all their favourite books. To make them even more surprised, why not throw in a few new titles in there too that you think they may enjoy. This is a great gift and an excellent way to prove to your friend how much you really know them. They are guaranteed to be impressed!

For this last DIY project, all you’ll need is an empty mason jar, coloured paper, and a pen. This may sound like the easiest DIY gift, but it will require some degree of research and knowledge about your friend’s reading interests, which you should already have (hopefully). To make the reading jar, simply scrawl down some of your friend’s favourite titles on each of the coloured pieces of paper, fold them and throw them into the jar. Make sure to include some new titles, too!

       We hope you’ve enjoyed these DIY gift ideas. We’d love to see your own DIY creations so make sure to share them with us on our twitter and instagram @paperfoxlitmag

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