On the Cover: Hadas Raiss

This piece is by Hadas Raiss, an artist from Tel-Aviv. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s loved painting and drawing. She kept evolving over the years and completed her Bachelor of Interior Design in 2008. But something didn’t feel right. Even through her four years of studying the course, she was always drawn to illustrative exhibitions, children’s book art, and to this day she believes she has the largest collection of illustrations on her computer. A few years ago everything finally clicked together. Her mum gifted her an iPad and she started exploring her digital illustration abilities. She loved it, and tried every available app and technique to get the perfect result regarding the quality of the lines, colours and printing. 

After that, she couldn't stop. Within four months, she had her very first exhibition - all illustrations made with an iPad. Then, she moved to the big league and started drawing with Wacom. 

This piece in particular was created using a photo reference Raiss stumbled upon on Pinterest one day. She took the silhouette lines from the photo but changed everything else. Many people are really moved by this illustration, possibly becaus it represents both being together and being alone at the same time. 

Raiss received many poems and stories from people who told her how this illustration made them feel, and she's very moved by it. 
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