Tis the season to get excited for our next issue.

Halloween is over and done with. Winter is just around the corner. And the Coca Cola advert is finally appearing on our TV screens once again. That means one thing and one thing only: it’s Christmas time!

Ready or not, gingerbread men and tightly-woven jumpers are on the horizon.

But there’s something else to look forward to this holiday.

To celebrate everyone’s favourite time of year, the theme of our next issue is: CHRISTMAS!

Snowmen, burning fireplaces, and family values. Happiness, nostalgia, and magic in the making. All of this and more will be sliding down your chimney in the form of our December issue.

Here is where you come in. We are looking for wintery short stories, poetry, reviews and artwork. Send in your most festive submissions to

Please make sure to check our submission guidelines to see if your piece is eligible for publication.

Deadline for submissions is 19th DECEMBER. The issue will be published on 21st DECEMBER.

We look forward to snuggling up around the Christmas tree with your submissions.

Fold yourself in.

The Paperfox Team

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