Creepy Cupcakes!

In honour of our horror issue lunching this October, we’ve made some delicious creepy cupcakes!

For all you students out there, here’s how to get into the Halloween spirit on a budget! Get yourself and flatmates gathered in the kitchen, and get ready to bake away!

Ingredients you’ll need.

For the real bakers out there:                 For the students on a budget:
4oz of butter/margarine                          Vanilla sponge mix (by Sainsbury’s) 80p
4oz of caster sugar                                    2 medium eggs 25p
1 tbp of vanilla extract                             120ml milk 10p
2tbsp of milk
4oz of self raising flour
2 medium eggs

For the frosting                                          For the frosting:
5oz of butter softened                             Black Icing £1 (from pound land)
10oz of icing sugar                                    Oreo’s 50p (Sainsbury’s)
2 tbsp milk                                                 White decretive piped icing £1 (poundland)
2 drops of black food colouring

Before we start, make sure to pre-heat your oven to 180° or Gas mark 4.

1.      How to make:
·         Add butter and caster sugar into a large bowl and mix until smooth.
·         Then add in the eggs, vanilla exctact, and milk while continuously mixing.
·         Sieve the flour gradually into the bowl, mixing as you go.

·         Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together until smooth.

2.      Lay out 12 cupcake cases of your choice in a cupcake tray. Place the mix evenly into the cases.  

3.      Bake in the oven for 18-20 minutes.
Time to decorate!

1) To make the frosting, mix all of the ingredients together, until light and smooth.
2) When the cupcakes are cool, cover them in the black frosting.
3) Separate Oreo’s from their middle. Break a quarter of the Oreo off and place to one side.
4) With the larger part of the Oreo, write ‘R.I.P’ in white icing on the front. Then place on top of the cupcake.
5) With the broken remains of the Oreo, crumble them in front of the ‘grave stone’ on top of your cupcakes.

And Voila! There you have it! Your creepy cupcakes!

If you follow this recipe to make your own creepy cupcakes, be sure to upload to Instagram and tag us in your photo’s @Paperfoxlitmag

You can also tweet us your cupcakes using #CreepyCupcakes 

Blog post written by Alex Clifford 

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