Which Once Upon a Time Character are You?

 Q1. Your partner has been acting a little strange recently, making mysterious phone calls, coming home a little later than usual. What do you do?
A. Go through their phone when they’re not looking and investigate their activities.
B.  Automatically assume that they are up to something, however you consult with family and friends before confronting them.
C.  Be forward and confront them straight away while trying to stay level headed about the situation.
D. Have trust with your partner and ask them politely if there is anything they would like to tell you.

Q2. Your friend is wearing an outfit that is really unflattering on them, and they ask for your opinion. What do you say?
A. “Yeah It’s fine.” Because you couldn’t care less what they wear. 
B.  “I’m not letting you leave the house like that!”
“If You’re comfortable in it, let’s go!”D. “Oh wow, you look amazing!” Knowing fully well you’re lying.

Q3. You’re at a restaurant and the service is terrible! What do you do?
A. Ask to see the manager to explain you’re unimpressed by the service.
B.  Try not to be passive aggressive and really stretch your patience.
C.  You’re not one to complain, you try to enjoy your night. However, you tip badly and won’t be returning to the restaurant anytime soon.
D. You understand that it is a busy evening and start talking to one of the waitresses to pass time.

Q4. You’ve been looking for a job for a while now. You’re scrolling through your emails when you realise you have a job Interview in a couple of weeks. How do you prepare for the interview?
A. You believe in yourself, and that your personality and charm will get you the job. There’s no need to over prepare.
B.  Pretend you actually like interacting with other human beings and spend a little time preparing.
C.  You feel as though you don’t need to prepare. If you turn up to the interview at all, you’d wing it. 
D. PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! First impressions are key! 

Q5. You have a knock at the door. It’s the police! What now?
A. You already know you’ve done something illegal, however you act innocent and ask “Can I help you officer?”
B.  Recall all the illegal activity you’ve done recently, although you refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present.
C.  Wonder what they could possibly want because you know you haven’t done anything wrong.
D. Automatically assume they have come to deliver bad news such as a family member dying.

A – You’re Rumple.
You’re a professional con artist. You can fool people into believing that you don’t have a heart,when deep down you know you’re a hopeless romantic. You know exactly where your priorities lay and you have no time for anything you believe is a waste of time. You have a quick temper which can sometimes get you in to trouble. You’re very sure of the person you are and the person you wish to become.

B- You’re Regina.
Some people are quick to judge you because of your hot and fiery attitude. You know what and who is important to you and believe it is better to have a handful of great friends than a bunch of mediocre ‘friends’. You’re careful with who you let into your life and tend to have trust issues. However, when you do let someone into your life, you love them unconditionally. 

C – Emma Swan.
As much as you want people to believe you don’t care about anything, everyone can tell it’s just a defence mechanism. Although you like to think you’re independent and can do anything on your own, deep down you rely on family and friends to support you. People respect you for your honest opinions. You can be hard work when people get on the wrong side of you, however your intentions are always good. There’s nothing you can’t succeed at when you put your mind to it.

D – Snow White.
Just like Snow you have one of the biggest hearts, if not the biggest. You hate letting anybody down, and your friends can always count on you to brighten their day. However, you have been known to let people take advantage of your kindness. You put other people’s happiness before you own. Your positive attitude and determination to see the good in everyone can be burden as well as a blessing. Remember to take some time for yourself before taking care of others. 

Quiz and illustrations by Chloe Debonnaire 

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