'The Darkest Magic' by Morgan Rhodes - A Review

I've just finished 'The Darkest Magic' last week and I feel like this series needs some serious love. Falling Kingdoms' by Morgan Rhodes is one of the best fantasy series I have read in a long time and when you are reading the spin off series alongside it, the world is given so much more depth. I cannot get enough of this series. The world is absolutely breath-taking and the characters are so well developed and connected that you can truly immerse yourself in the story. The Darkest Magic' is the sequel to 'A Book of Spirits and Thieves' which is the spin off series.  And, holy crap so much happens. Throughout this book, Rhodes continued her cut-throat attitude with her characters (seriously, no character is safe in these series). Ships were broken, some of my ships sailed, you know the drill. Basically, this series will give you all the feels you could possibly go through.

This review is by Lauren Cassidy (@fictiontea)

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