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Our team came up with lots of witty ways to let you know we’re hiring. Turns out we aren’t as creative as we thought. That’s why we need you. Please send us applications. We need help.
There are opportunities for students at UCA Farnham to help develop UCA’s literary magazine; Paperfox. Paperfox is an online (and soon to be print!) literary magazine that will feature a variety of work from UCA students and international writers/artists. We are looking for staff to be involved in many aspects of the magazine’s production, presentation, selection of content and creative development. The magazine staff are and will continue to be supported by academic staff who will offer their experience and advice. This is brilliant opportunity to gain experience, and to be involved in an exciting endeavour. Paperfox has worked with exciting names in the world of literature such as best-selling authors Kiran Millwood Hargrave (author of The Girl of Ink and Stars) and Audrey Greathouse, and book bloggers too!
The publication has five purposes:
1) Showcase the writing, media and journalistic skills of UCA students.
2) Work with local, national and international writers to produce a high-quality literary magazine.
3) To celebrate the world of literature & to provide our readers with ‘bookish’ content.
4) Give staff on the publication work experience in an industry context.
5) Build course culture through team work, peer and pastoral support.
6) Promote the reputation of UCA and its courses.
There are four positions. Please note that these positions are unpaid but will provide invaluable work experience of working in a material media environment. Being published in a magazine looks brilliant on a CV! All work created by staff members is credited accordingly so this is also great for adding work to your portfolios. References can also be provided to potential future employers. Here are the four positions:
Social Media Manager Main responsibilities: Reporting to the editors, you will be responsible for planning, building and delivering the publication’s online presence by managing the Paperfox social media accounts. You will need to either show experience in social media marketing, online communication skills, or at least a willingness to actively expand your level of competency in these areas. You will be supported in your role by the editor-in-chief, who you will report to. You will be contacted regularly regarding what current themes and topics to base your posts off, but ultimately there will be quite a lot of freedom in this role.
Blogger / Online Writer (There are two positions for this role) Main responsibilities: You will report to the editor, who you will assist to ensure the development of magazine content in line with the plans of the Editor-in-Chief. Your job will involve planning, creating and delivering original, interesting blog posts in line with the magazine’s theme(s) for the magazine’s website. This is content that relates with the current magazine theme, but will not be in the actual product. The contribution of your own ideas to enhance the quality of the publication is also required. Examples of your writing are not required but may help your application.
Photographer / Photography Assistant This position would be ideal for photography or art students. You do not necessarily need training or a high amount of experience in photography, though this is preferable. The main responsibilities within this position will be calling out to artists and photographers for visually artistic submissions according with the magazine’s current theme, and/or taking your own photographs/producing your own visual art. Experience and/or a keen eye for matching photography with text is required. You will also be looking over some of the submitted visual and making publishing decisions. The Photographer will be supported by the editor-in-chief, who you will report to, and they will help you with finding resources.
How to apply
If you are interested, please write an application letter giving:
- Your name
- Your course and year
- Which position you are applying for
- Why you think you would be good for the job - What ideas you have for the magazine.
Attach any other documents you believe would be beneficial to your application, such as work samples, CV’s, blog/portfolio links, etc. (though this is not absolutely required). Potential candidates will then be interviewed.
Send your application letters to Bethany Ashley: with the subject line “Application: *desired role*”
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to drop an email or you can message me on here. This is open to all years but it would be great to see freshers getting involved. As usual, we are taking submissions, which is a chance to have your creative work published. For the full submission guidelines, head to This month's theme is HORROR and will be published towards the end of October, we're thinking the 25th :-)

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