Danny from thebookorder shares his book blogging secrets

 Danny runs the #bookstagram account @thebookorder and has done for about a year now. He tends to read a lot of young adult books with the occasional Adult book thrown in the mix. I also have a never-ending #TBR (to be read) pile of books that I doubt I’ll ever get around to read all of them in this lifetime. I create posts around what I’m reading, recent purchases, or anything that I feel like sharing that’s book related.

What made you want to start book blogging?
My Instagram account use to be a personal account, I’d make typical posts like what I was eating, selfies, etc. I slowly started

sharing what I was reading and over time discovered that there were actually a lot of people who focused on just book photography and that this community was called Bookstagram. Realizing this is what I wanted to do I blew the dust off my unused DSLR and started posting frequent picture of books, and it turned into this whole fun hobby that I’ve enjoyed doing ever since.

What do you like and dislike most about sharing your passion through such a wide platform?
What I love the most is getting to talk to tons of fellow book lovers around the world! I’ve had great discussions with people who have direct messaged me about  books that we both loved! I’ve also loved seeing people comment that they picked up a particular book because I posted about it and in turn fell in love with the book as well. What I’ve disliked is what its tonne for my wallet, since joining bookstagram I’ve become more aware of books being released and even discovering books I’ve never heard of from seeing other people's pictures.

When did you first find yourself possessing a love for literature and how did that come about?
I read a bit when I was younger, like Harry Potter of course, and the series of unfortunate events. I’d say it wasn’t until I finished High school and the entire buzz that was surrounding Twilight that I got back into reading, Ever since I finished that series I’ve always had a book on the go.

What is your ‘go-to’ place for buying books and finding inspiration for what to read next?

My go to place to buy books really depends on what I’m looking for. My regular go to is the popular Canadian store Indigo that basically carries everything! If I’m looking for a bargain I periodically check Bookoutlet.com, which always has really good deals. If I’m in love with the UK cover of a book I’ll purchase off bookdepository.com, which is awesome because they offer free worldwide shipping and no dollar minimum to qualify. In terms of inspiration I check Goodreads a lot, and a majority of the time its what other bookstagrammers are posting about that I discover new reads.

What is your favourite fantasy book and/or series and why?
I’d have to say my favourite fantasy series would be The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I like to compare that series to being like my adult Harry Potter, and I don’t mean that in that the stories are similar, it's just the feeling I get reading the books and the excitement of future releases. What I love about the series is not only is it fantasy but she incorporates a lot of other genres mixed in as well, and the world she created is so complex and interesting that I had so much fun discovering how everything works. It is a planned seven book series and only two are currently out but so far this series has blown me away and I can only imagine how much better it will get as the story continues.

What’s on your ‘to be read’ pile at the moment, in terms of fantasy books?
I think my biggest fantasy books in my to be read pile that I really want to get around to reading would be Game of Thrones. I absolutely love the show and I know a few people who have read the series up to the most current book and really loved the series! The rest would be just future releases for current fantasy series that I’ve read.

What is your favourite aspect of fantasy literature and why?
I think my favourite aspect of fantasy is world building. I’m such a sucker for a well built and thought out world. Also I find books with multiple main characters enjoyable if it’s done well, I just find it more interesting then just following a single characters storyline.
What do you think is an underrated fantasy novel and why?
I think an underrate fantasy novel would Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I actually read it this year and it instantly went to the top of my favourites section of my bookshelf. I thought the story was very unique and it kind of reminded my of an adult Disney story, I got my fingers crossed that the book gets a lot more attention and that an epic movie is made.

What do you think is an overrated fantasy novel and why?
I think an overrated fantasy novel would be Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the book. I just feel like there was way more attention on the book then it needed to be and all the buzz that came with it. I feel the majority of the excitement around the book was due to the gorgeous book cover.

Interview by Bethany Ashley

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