Submission Guidelines

For our next issue of Paperfox Literary magazine, we are searching for romance themed literary and artistic pieces, although you may feel free to submit pieces unrelated to romance, as it may be considered for future issues (see down below). We would love to see poetry (of around 45-60 lines), short stories (minimum 500 words, 2500 maximum), scripts, transcripts, screenplays, flash fiction, features, reviews, and interviews. There is also an opportunity to be Featured Student within every Paperfox issue (you must be a student at the University for the Creative Arts to apply) which involves your work being published and an interview across a double page spread.

Paperfox also collaborates with established writers for involvement with the magazine and interviews, with the hopes of being able to share writing tips and inspiration with our readers. If you believe  you could be suitable for the feature, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Anyone hoping to get involved with the production of the magazine, to be featured, or to submit work may contact Paperfox through Please leave your name, your occupation or course title, and a brief description of yourself and your creative process (this is purely so we can credit you properly in the magazine)

A list of the next 5 issues:

February 2017 - Romance
April 2017 - Feminism
June 2017 - Graphic Storytelling (comic / manga / graphic novel)
August 2017 - Sci-fi
October 2017 - LGBTQA+

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