Editor-in-chief - Bethany Ashley
Beth is currently studying Journalism and Creative Writing at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. After freelance writing and blogging for a few years, Beth decided to pursue a career in creative writing and/or journalism and began her university course. Beth won the Sir Ray Tindle journalism scholarship at UCA and runs her own blog She also regularly contributes to many different media outlets. She aspires to become a novelist and always continue her passion for writing. 
Editor - Josh Ferguson 
Josh is a passionate writer and aspiring novelist, who loves writing words as much as he loves reading them. Deciding that he wanted to write stories for the rest of his life at the age of 12, his writing closely examines human emotion and how even small, mundane details can have the biggest impact on people. He is also a fine art photographer, an award-winning magician, and avid music lover. Josh is currently studying Media & Creative Writing at the University of Creative Arts. 
Editor - Skylar Parker
Sky is an Editor of Paperfox and is currently studying Media and Creative Writing at UCA. Sky has been writing ever since she was young and enjoys bringing characters to life through words. When she’s not busy re-enacting thrilling encounters between supernatural creatures, Sky also enjoys writing poetry. She won first place in Poetry Pulse’s 2014 winter poetry competition and possesses a strong grasp of the English language. She works as a Private English tutor helping students with their assignments. Sky is a self-taught artist and frequently enjoys drawing and painting and is highly skilled in using both traditional and digital media to create outstanding works of art.
Editor - Kevin Kissane 
Kevin is currently studying Journalism and Creative Writing at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, England. Kevin was born in Connecticut in the United States where his love of writing began. After studying creative writing at the Arts at the Capitol Theater Magnet High School, Kevin travelled to England to further pursue an education in the art of words. Kevin was a finalist in the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival’s Young Writers Competition, and winner of the Creative Communication Poetry Contest. You can follow his blog NestingBirdPress.
Web Editor - Alexandra Clifford 
Alexandra (also known by her middle name Grace) is an aspiring young writer. Currently studying journalism & Creative writing at UCA Farnham, Alex wants to pursue her passion for literature by eventually becoming a novelist. Alex not only runs her own YouTube channel 'HelloAlexGrace', but also updates her blog '' regularly.

Writer - Paige J Mader
Paige J Mader is an avid contemplator of the universe and writer of many genres. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, she has a received accolades for her stage plays, and a diploma for screenwriting from Vancouver Film School. Her most recent endeavor involved taking an airplane halfway across the world to study journalism and creative writing at the University for the Creative Arts. When she grows up she hopes to become Allen Ginsberg. Maybe minus the beard. 

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